Prairie Messenger Press Coverage of Society Talk by Father John Saward

The Society of St. Dominic would like to thank Mr. James Buchok, Editor of The New Wine Press, for his coverage of the Rev. John Saward's talk at St. Ann's parish on Thursday October 9th, 2014. We excerpt the first two paragraphs and then refer you to the full article at the Prairie Messenger website.

Latin mass for everybody, including children
By James Buchok
WINNIPEG — The traditional Latin mass includes periods of deep silence providing a space for the union of the hearts and minds of the faithful, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your kids, says an English Roman Catholic priest, scholar and lecturer.
When the silence is broken by a child speaking or crying out “or dropping a book on the floor,” said Rev. John Saward at St. Ann’s Church in Winnipeg Oct. 9, “that’s a good problem to have. If we don’t have children in the church, where would we be? In the Latin mass the noise of the children somehow accentuates the silence. And the parents are always more bothered than the priest.”